Welcome to our life…

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Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon FL
Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon FL

We are Neal and Dee Jay – full time travelers and enjoyers of life. Let us encourage and inspire you to live your dream!

We began our adventure in May of 2016. Neal is retired Navy and I own an internet based business (read: highly portable). One day we were talking about our future dreams and Neal said, “I don’t want to wait to live. I want to live now.” That resonated with me, and I decided I wanted to live now, too. So we started putting the plan together…

I had already downsized into an apartment in anticipation of one day running away and seeing the country. Neal had an RV he was living in when we met (one of the many things that attracted me to him!). So the framework was there, it was just a matter of overcoming (my) fear and taking the plunge.

Once the decision was made, we had 9 months to figure out what to do with our stuff. My good furniture went into storage and the family photos and what have you got pawned off on the kids. You never realize how much junk you have until you go through it all!

We moved into the motorhome at a local campground to smooth out any kinks with my work and, well, living in such a small space together. During that time we put together our itinerary.

Neal likes to fly by the seat of his pants; I do not. I’m a person who does extensive research and makes reservations. So that was my job. Neal’s job was to point us in the right direction. He chose the final destination, and made suggestions on where to stop along the way; I researched our options and made them happen.

We started out car tripping, staying in hotels and campground cabins, for the first few months because…I don’t really remember why we did that. I’m guessing because we were going to Nebraska for my class reunion and we wanted to make better time, plus we like to pull over every time we see one of those brown “we have something cool in our town” signs and you can’t do that in a motorhome.

I think I was also nervous about living full time in the motorhome. That seems so long ago – now I prefer what has been my home since 2016 to a hotel.

Since then we have been to 30 states, who knows how many cities, and seen so many beautiful sights. It hasn’t been without it’s problems, but they’ve been minor and easily overcome. And sitting here today writing this, I honestly cannot think of any better way to live.

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  1. Belva Kirk

    Wow!! Your own website!! I ❤ you guys!! Maybe we’ll be able to do what you two are doing!!


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