Things We Love

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Yes, there are Amazon affiliate links in here, but we really have all these things and they make RV living so much easier and more enjoyable. Note the focus on eating….

A large collapsible trash can for outside. How does anyone live without this??? Ugh, I see people with their plastic grocery bag hung over their awning arm and it makes me sad.

A pour-over coffee maker and electric kettle. Most RVers have Keurigs (which was my previous love) and regular drip makers, but the electric kettle was made for RVing because you can heat water for coffee, tea, cocoa, and broth. PLUS you can use it to heat water for dish washing when you run out of propane. I used to have an expensive Chemex, but the Bodum pot is just as good for WAY less money.

Portable gas grill. We have this Weber and have loved it dearly.

Electric skillet. Now you can literally make anything your heart desires. I don’t use the electric skillet, but Neal does frequently.

A memory foam mattress topper. If you have an uncomfortable mattress in your RV, slap one of these babies on top of it. I sleep better on this mattress than I did on my one at home.

Dyson cordless vacuum – this thing is a BEAST. Well worth the high cost. It has a very small footprint, LOTS of suction, and attachments so you can get in the corners and between things. Apollo is a little grub and we track stuff in, too, despite our best efforts at wiping our feet before we come in.

Of course an Instant Pot. There is nothing you can’t make in these things.

Induction cooktop and cookware – They had one at a campground cottage we stayed at and we love it! It’s an induction cooktop, comes with the special pots/pan you need for it – a little over $100. This is way more efficient and easier to use than the propane stove we used to have and it’s a lot smaller footprint.

Air Fryer/Oven combo. My friend nagged me to get one and I resisted it for way too long. Now I don’t know how I lived without it. It even toasts bread!

A Headlamp. Great for walking around and having your hands free. Neal uses his all the time.

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