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Downtown sculpture

When we were there: Sept 19 – 27, 2019
Where we stayed: Santa Fe Skies RV Park
What we ate: nothing of note, but where we should have eaten was Blackbird Saloon in Cerillos
What we drank: Craft beer at Meow Wolf
What we did: Walked the downtown Plaza and saw the historic sites; spent the day at Meow Wolf ; spent a day in Taos; drove the Turquoise Trail; explored the towns of Cerillos and Madrid (pronounced “MAD-rid”); drove the Musical Highway; drove to the top of Sandia Crest
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Worth the Trip? Yes, and throw in Taos for a bonus

Our Trip Advisor Reviews:
Santa Fe Skies RV Park

Meow Wolf is a MUST
Take an extra day and visit Taos
You will need at least a week to truly experience the Santa Fe area

Santa Fe is Austin’s much hipper older brother who teaches him all the new slang. It’s Greenwich Village before it got hooked on meth and failed at rehab.

Santa Fe Skies RV Park art

First, our RV park:

From a distance it looks overgrown, like the yard guy needs to come in and cut that grass, do a little edging. Then you get closer and realize it’s a high desert oasis with wildflowers and native grasses for landscaping. Very attractive. Sculptures are dotted around the park, blending in with the landscape and enhancing the rustic southwest feel.

The Plaza

We went downtown to the Plaza, which is a large gathering park surrounded by shops and eateries. There are chichi boutiques next to 5 and dimes, with balcony seating in many restaurants. It’s eclectic with a young vibe, even though SF was founded in 1610. Even the old folks seem young.

Downtown is also home to many historic buildings and churches, including the oldest house in the US. Most are free, a few charge $5 admission. If you go on the weekend there will be a large outdoor market, with handcrafted items and lovely jewelry. I got an alpaca blanket for my queen bed for $75.

The people of Santa Fe are attractive; outdoorsy yet chic in a boho sort of way. A lot of unique styles being flaunted, and I mean that in a good way. Santa Fe should have its own reality show because the city and the people are camera ready.

Taos Plaza

Taos is about an hour and a half from Santa Fe. The drive takes you through several rustic little towns, and the scenery was wonderful. Taos is a charming southwestern art town – highly touristy, but quaint and appealing. The Plaza area is filled with little boutiques and eateries, some upscale, some more down to earth. You can spend a fortune or not one dime and have a good visit either way. We had drinks at The Alley Cantina and it was so inviting that we went back later for dinner.

Meow Wolf

The winner hands down was Meow Wolf. Those who recommended it to us weren’t quite sure how to describe it; I would say it’s an interactive physical art exhibit and playground. You go through rooms and cubbies and nooks; everything is unique and surprising and delightful. The premise is an eternal house that is throwback and futuristic and alien – scary and funny, and a lot going on. All ages will enjoy Meow Wolf, although it might be too much for very young children.

I think a brilliant entrepreneurial endeavor would be to be a professional Musical Highway driver. You charge people a few bucks and put them in a car/van, then drive the musical road so they can hear it. This is a skill and not something you’ll be able to do the first try…or the second…or the third. And they don’t have a sign for when it starts and ends, so there’s a lot of trial and error involved. But I’d have absolutely slid someone a twenty to drive it for us.

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