Panama City Beach, FL

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When we were there: March 11 – April 11, 2017; April 1 – June 1, 2018
Where we stayed: Emerald Coast RV Resort
What we ate: Tacos at Muy WayneOs; burgers and onion rings at Tally-Ho
What we drank: Frozen margaritas at Sharky’s beach bar
What we did: Rode bikes and kayaked at St. Andrews State Park; played 18 at Hombre Golf Club; drove 30A to the beach towns; went to Pier Park; enjoyed a number of community events; mostly hung out at the beach and drank margaritas; met some friendly dolphins while kayaking in the lagoon; took a helicopter ride over the Gulf
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Worth the Trip? Absolutely

Our Trip Advisor Reviews:
Nick’s Slice of Brooklyn Pizza
Muy WayneOs
Sisters of the Sea & Dive Bar
Emerald Coast RV Resort

Snowbirds, this is your happy place
You can enjoy a rousing nightlife or a relaxed quiet getaway
Clean beaches with white powdery sand
Bike week is a BLAST
In PCB you are either a pirate or a mermaid
Casual casual casual!
Fun for the youngsters and oldsters and everyone in between

Drinks on the beach, anyone?

PCB is my first true love. The first time we went Neal had to pry my fingers off the palm trees to get me to leave. It literally has everything you could ever want in a coastal destination: white powdery sand, beach bars, tons of live music and nightlife, quiet areas to relax and enjoy nature, easy to get around, plenty to see and do, a short drive to other beach towns, and on and on and on….

Emerald Coast RV Resort is about a mile from the beach, far enough away to be quiet but a hopskipjump to the action on the strip. The bath houses are some of the best we’ve seen: large clean singles with a toilet and shower, plenty of hooks and places to put your bath bag. Nice tile and great water pressure. The wifi is strong and the cable clear. Everything is well-maintained, including the fitness room. TWO pools, people! It’s far enough off the strip that you can stay during Spring Break and not even know the Strip exists.

The RV park is adjacent to the zoo, so the giraffes like to see what’s going on

Our favorite place to eat was Muy WayneOs, which is a little cantina on the west side of the strip. The owners are displaced Houstonites and man do they know how to put together some food! Grab a Shiner and watch out for that green salsa because it will light you up.

Our other hang out is Sharky’s Beach Bar. Frozen margaritas at the outside bar just steps from the beach, and really good food. We go at least twice a week for happy hour.

Drive 30A and go through quaint little beach towns, including Seaside where “The Truman Show” was filmed. Parts of it are secluded, not much going on, then other towns are super touristy, but in a good way. Along this stretch you can either tent camp and commune with nature, or you can get your taffy and food truck on with the spring breakers, or you can be super wealthy and live in a mansion behind a gate. It’s a diverse area. Travel a little further to Destin and stroll along HarborWalk.

St. Andrews Beach

We spent a lot of time at St. Andrews State Park. They have wonderful bike trails, a large beach, fishing, and kayak rentals. There’s an alligator overlook and if you enjoy bird watching and critter encounters, this is the place for you!

I’m pretty sure this is where we want to settle when we’re ready to come off the road. It’s going to be awhile because we haven’t been everywhere yet, but I can absolutely see myself being happy in PCB until I fall off my Sharky’s bar stool and die in the sand.

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