So here’s how it happened…

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Marble Canyon, AZ
Marble Canyon, AZ

17+- years ago my ex-husband’s stepmother’s sister and her husband rolled into town. They were full time RVers, Lizz and Bob, living on the road. I thought that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I spoke to Lizz at length about their life and the more she talked, the more I was on board.

At the time I was married and I told my then husband, “When these kids are gone, let’s sell every thing we own and hit the road.” One trip with him convinced me that that was a bad idea, but I still wanted to do it. Just not with him.

Fast forward and I still have the idea that when I retired I’d throw the dog in the car and we’d hit the road. Then I met Neal and he was the guy, so here we are – happily homeless and living our dream.

So here goes Lizz: she’s gone now, but if she were still alive she’d be hard pressed to remember my name. I meant nothing to her but she had a profound impact on me. She is the reason I’m living my dream today. Which just goes to show you: you are making a bigger impact than you think you are. Someone like young Dee Jay is paying attention, and you are influencing her, and you are leaving a legacy whether you realize it or not.

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  1. Barbara

    Love your website! I look forward to continue following and living vicariously (for now) through your travels! 🙂


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