Hello from Not Fort Worth!

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The light at the
end of the tunnel

What was supposed to happen:

Two months ago Neal made an appointment with Fun Town RV in Cleburne, TX to get some work done on the motorhome. We were to stay in the Home2 Suites in Fort Worth for two weeks while the work was being done.

What actually happened:

We arrived at Fun (ha) Town to find that they don’t even do work on Class As.

Us: “But we had an appointment!”
Them: “Yeah, the appointment people aren’t really up to speed on the kind of work we do.”

I am not making that up. That is exactly what the Fun Town person said.

So, okay….Maybe we can leave the motorhome in their lot for the night, go to the hotel and figure out what to do from here.

“Nope, sorry – you can’t leave your RV in the lot.” She left off the “screw you” but it was clear she was thinking it.

So Neal’s amazing girlfriend jumped on the google machine, made a call, and hooked us up with a campground just south of Cleburne. And it was a surprisingly nice campground – RV Ranch in Keene – with a pond and the nicest lady who checked me in.

Snag: Neal bought an inflatable boat and was having it delivered to the Home2 in Fort Worth. So I called to cancel our reservation and asked the lovely and talented Samantha if they could hang onto the package and Monello would come up and get it….and she said yes, they would be happy to do that. So “Fun” Town – you suck, but Home2 Suites and RV Ranch fixed our problem.

Once we got settled and brought our packed stuff back in the motorhome, we were starving and ventured off for dinner. Found the cutest diner – Chaf-In – downtown, then our waiter directed us to a terrific bar – Black Sheep Baa & Grill (Baa!) – for a desperately needed cocktail. Cleburne is a surprisingly nice town, for some place we got stranded.

A disturbance in the force, but we endeavor to persevere. I’m not sure how people did this before smart phones and the internet…

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